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Opera-Event in Knysna powered by Xolane

WORKSHOPS / MASTER CLASSES The 2018 Community & School Choir Workshops project aims at introducing the Knysna community to the importance of music training and theory for competitions, university entries and performing platforms for young developing artists. The project is for community choirs, school choirs and those interested in pursuing music as a profession to be well equipped on the pro and cons of the industry and to learn in an environment of South African singers that are making a mark in the national and international opera stages. Workshops are to be hosted in a central venue (community hall or performance venue), with invited South African artist that are making professional living in Europe. This would be a weekend event in the week of 10 – 12 August 2018 and followed by an evening performance from the professional artists and showcase performance by the school/community and young artists of Knysna. Potential venues for such events would be any central community hall, municipality hall or school hall, that can accommodate many attendees. The goal of these workshop programs has been to promote both theoretical and experiential learning about classical music culture, music and the music industry.

OPERA CONCERT The fundraising Opera Concert will be held in the evening with the three international artists, Knysnarian & international artist (Xolane Marman) and the choirs that took part in the workshop program. Held in the jewel of the Garden Route, Knysna, it will attract crowds of over 200. Proceeds from this promising cultural event will benefit Operatunity, a charity organization from the Knysna area and surrounding small townships.. A ticket to an opera event such as this could cost between R300 – R500. Audiences will receive value for their money in that the world-renowned pianist, maestra Lisa Engelbrecht will accompany these international artists. This event therefore promises to be one of Knysna's biggest entertainment attractions.

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