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Renovierung des Kindergartens in Knysna

Wir sind sehr stolz, dass uns soviel Dankbarkeit entgegengebracht wird und wir so eine bemerkenswerte, charismatische une engagierte Frau wie Magdalena Moos zu unseren aktiven Helfern vor Ort zählen dürfen.

Hier die Original-Mitteilung, die über den aktuellen Stand der Renovierungsarbeiten berichtet.


We as the staff, parents and the broader community wishes to thank CARE SHARE & SMILE for sponsoring the renovations as well as payment for the worker’s labour. We were able to employ workers from our small community; an Electrician, a Carpenter and 4 unemployed men. The total labour costs amounted to R 3500, 00

We wish to acknowledge the ongoing support of Heike Ellwanger, the founder of CARE, SHARE & SMILE.

We repaired the ceiling and did the rewiring the electrical cables.

The work entailed the following:

  1. We first had to strip the ceiling to remove the damaged wood and rhino board.

  2. Re-inforce new wood, replace the rhino board in ceiling, seal and waterproof corrugated iron.

  3. Electrician had to rewire the wires that were damaged due to the leaking roof.

  4. Electrician installed the lights in 3 classrooms (photo’s attached)

  5. The Carpenter attached the wooden rhino boards to concrete wall with the assistance of 2 handymen (photo’s attached of the installed rhino boards)

  6. Our posters are looking neat against the rhino boards, much appreciated.

  7. We also removed the wooden structure in front of the pre-school.

  8. We also on the advice from the plumber decided to put on gutters to relay the water at the back of the class, where a gully was supposed to be erected.

  9. We removed the wooden structure to add more sunlight into the classroom.

It is with great appreciation and thanks to the sponsors and CARE, SHARE & SMILE who made this renovation possible.

Without your generosity and care these renovations would not have been possible.

Last, but not least the on-going support miracle worker Heike Ellwanger who deeply care for our community in Concordia, Knysna, South Africa.

We will forever be in debt for making this huge difference in the life of so many children.

We thank you.

Yours in development

Magdalena Moos

Principal: St Patrick’s Magdaleentjie Kindergarden

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